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Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets for the Virtual Bingo 30th April and welcome to our online system. Ticket sales are now closed.

You are enquiring about the following event:

Virtual Bingo 30th April
Thursday 30th April 2020

These are the available tickets:

  Description Price
1 Bingo Ticket Admits 1 person into the virtual game 」2.60
1 Bingo Ticket (Justgiving donation) Admits1 person who has donated via JustGiving link 」0.00

Virtual Bingo 8pm Thursday 30th April

Virtual Bingo is your BIG night IN! Gather around a Phone, Tablet or Laptop and witness the game like never before as
we take things online for a virtual experience! Played via Zoom this is your chance to turn your home into the bingo hall.

On arrival, you値l go into the waiting where your names will be checked off, if your name isn't down you're not coming in!

Once everyone is checked in and drinks are in hand your host will explain the rules.

As we work through the evening we値l throw in a music round so feel free to sing along if you wish. We will have our disco
lights switched on and a nice cold glass of something in hand.

It costs £2.60 to play or a suggested donation of £2.60 if you are paying in via JustGiving. If you have donated via
JustGiving please select the free ticket option and someone will be in touch to verify your donation before the game.

How it works:

On the night we値l play 2 x rounds of 90 ball Bingo and 1 music bingo round - your bingo cards will be emailed to you in
advance so you have the choice of either printing them off or playing off your phone. We値l be playing for 1 line and finally
the full house! There will be terrible prizes (we're in lockdown so don't expect a carriage clock or fax machine)

When you think you have a line you値l be asked to show your card to your camera for our host to verify. As this is the
online version though lines don't automatically mean prizes. If more than one person calls house we will enter your into a
challenge where you compete from home to win your prize. Challenges could be anything from scavenger hunts to lip
syncs so be prepared to get involved!

Please note that the you don't need to show yourself on camera if you are shy but you must
have access to a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to play.

All money raised through the game goes to NCT charity