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Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets for the You & Your Baby and welcome to our online system. Ticket sales are not yet open. Please try later.

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You & Your Baby
Tuesday 12th April 2016

These are the available tickets:

  Description Price
NCT Member 1 adult (+ 1x baby) Admits 1x adult & 1x baby (NCT Member) 10.00
Non-member 1 adult (+1x baby) Admits 1x adult & 1x baby (non-member) 15.00

Join us for a fantastic Postnatal event on Tuesday 12th April at 10am. The morning is open to everyone (NCT members and non members) and will consist of sessions covering the following topics:-

Sweet Dreams - A much talked about subject....sleep! This session will give you some theory about sleep and how to get more of it.

Baby Massage - Discover how to use your loving touch to soothe your baby with our taster baby massage session. Before babies are able to speak or even respond to sounds and sights they communicate with the world around them through touch. Massage is a way to connect with your baby and has been shown to help with improving bonding and attachment, enabling better communication and improving your baby's sleep. Mats and oil will be provided but please feel free to bring a cushion if you prefer. Please note that babies should be at least 6 weeks old.

Baby Development - Play time has a significant role in your baby's development. This session will discuss ways to help you enjoy interacting together with information on baby play, communication, milestones and stages.

Relax, Stretch & Breathe with baby - a popular and relaxing session, providing a wonderful opportunity for you as a new mum to ease your way back into exercise (please note you will need to have had your 6 week GP check before joining this session).

Breastfeeding Counsellors will be available during the morning to answer any questions or concerns you may have about breastfeeding

We look forward to welcoming you!